Collection: My Favorites

Hey, did you ever wandered what a knifemaker, a soldier, a martial artist, an everyday guy or a father would carry? Well, i am all the above, so i can tell what i like to carry the most... Check it out!

How to choose?

Do you aim for high quality, reliability, and out of the box solutions off the shelf? Choose blades from my production lineup.

Not in a hurry or looking for more exotic shapes, materials, heat treatment? Go and check out my Custom Knives.

If you never had the chance to use or play with a ring knife, do not hesitate. Try out one, it is a game changer.

Ring knives are a unique category. With a slim handle profile and the retention ring the knife can enable you to hold, grab or operate objects without the fear or need to drop the knife. This unique attribute makes these blades invaluable as a weapon retention tool or in enviroments where dropping a blade can be dangerous to self or others.

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