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GZ Custom Blades



The Kingpin

The Kingpin blade was designed from the ground up to be the perfect urban defensive blade for an everyday companion. In the realm of today’s urban environment large combat knives do not survive the test of time. Whether you are a truck driver, a hairdresser or manager, you want to carry something you can hide and you can use effectively for everyday tasks or for more serious business should the need arise. The Kingpin with its 8-inch overall length and 4-inch blade is perfectly sized to carry concealed. The wide drop point blade with its top swedge provides good penetration, excellent cutting ability and perfect everyday use practicality. The blade is slightly canted to enhance human biomechanics when cutting or thrusting, yet it’s still not hindering utility use. The top jimping provides ample support for the thumb in forward grip. The handle is unidirectional and comfortable in both forward and reverse grip, and acceptable even with edge in techniques. The end of the handle provides an aggressive grip point to facilitate retention and fast deployment of the knife from the kydex sheath, as well as provides a thumb rest with jimping when the knife is held in reverse grip. The handle is made from G-10 with random pattern to further enhance grip even when your hands are wet. No matter what is the task at hand this blade will handle it, because it is the KINGPIN.

In this model the blade is slightly canted in order to facilitate more neutral and effective thrusting and slashing. 

The production version is made out of 52100 steel heat treated to the optimal 60-61HRC Range for toughness, and edge retention.


Blade material                  52100 ball bearing steel at 60-61 HRC              
Blade length                    100 mm (4 in)                
Overall Length                 200 mm (8 in)                  
Blade Thickness                4.5 mm  (.185 in)      
G10 Handle with random pattern to enhance grip stability. 
Comes with 4 different Cerakote color:
Armor Black
Tactical Gray
Burnt Bronze
Magpul Foliage Green


Blade material                 Apex Ultra steel at 63-64 HRC              
Blade length                    100 mm (4 in)
Overall Length                 200 mm (8 In)
Blade Thickness                   5 mm (.200 in)  

G10 handle

Comes with 3 different Cerakote color:
Armor Black
Burnt Bronze
Multicam Black Tiger stripe Camouflage (+10EUR)


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