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   My name is Zoltan Gero and I'm a Hungarian knife-maker, designer and professional soldier, owner of GZ Custom Blades.


I spent my early years up to my late twenties practicing martial arts, Muay Thai and teaching Krav Maga. These years fueled with my passion to blades/edged tools gave me a solid understanding of edged weapons from many different perspective and contexts. This, mixed with my operational experience being a JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) for 7 years, supporting US and Hungarian Special Forces in Afghanistan gave me a deeper understanding of the end user "needs". Overall, i spent more than 1.5 year in Afghanistan as well as years and years on the various training grounds of NATO and Partner countries. Picture by OR9 PAPAI "Joci" Jozsef during our deployment in 2014

Photo by Pápai "Joci" József


  Here at GZ Custom Blades every single custom knife is created, grinded, heat treated, finished, sharpened by me. However, the rest of the production lineup is the outcome of an amazing teamwork involving 4 different Hungarian craftsman living and working in different parts of the country. We only use in our production exclusively European Union and USA sourced materials. Every single blade is proudly made in Hungary, European Union, Planet Earth. 



   I primarily design my blades for the military, law enforcement and the prepared citizen, however due to the nature of my approach, 99% of my designs just make a good every day carry or outdoor companion as well.

   The main emphasis is always on good cutting and thrusting ability with superior geometry and ergonomics. The knife is a cutting tool/weapon on the first place and not a screwdriver,hammer or doorstop.  



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