Legal Disclaimer

Dear Visitor,

whether you are new or not that new to the tactical knife world, whether a professional or just a regular citizen i would like to remind you that knives are dangerous goods. 

Self defense knives are not magic potions, and will not ensure your or your loved ones safety. Same as a survival knife, which will not ensure your survival, it is just a tool to help you trough the day.

If you dedicate yourself to carry a blade for defensive purposes i strongly recommend you to look for professional training and instructions, train regularly, seek professional advice, check your local carry and criminal laws, ensure that your knives are out of reach of children. We only sell knives for adults over the age of 18 years old.

Lastly, if you decide to carry, you have the training, and the law is backing you up i still encourage you to step down if you have the opportunity. Money, valued items, and all the treasures of the universe can be replaced, but human life can not.

Stay Safe 


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