Ring knives

Ring Knives
Ring knives are a special part of my lineup.

   For many, a ring knife is just a fun tool, but for others it is a necessity. The main attribute of a ring knife is that permits the user to hold and grab objects while the knife is in the hand.

   The main drive behind the design is to give an option for those who carry a firearm. Everyone who carries a weapon on or off duty has to face the possibility that someone may try to take possession or control his/her firearm.

   The ring knife gives the unique option to create space with the edged weapon and seamlessly transfer to the primary weapon without re-sheathing or dropping the blade. A more traditional ringless blade in the same situation has to be dropped in order to enable the user to use their primary weapon safely.

   Who else may see the benefit of a ring knife? Everyone who may don't want to re-sheath or put down the knife between 2 uses. Mountaineering, outdoor, or around the farm can create the need for a fast, light and failsafe grip in a ring knife.

   Choose a ring knife once, and you will be dedicated for life. No knife can give you better everyday practicality, whether it's an urban environment, the great outdoors or a combat zone. I carry one every day of the year...
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