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Carry Solutions

     A fixed blade knife only worth as much as the sheath and carry method. One of the biggest addded value for any fixed blade knife is a solution which enables the user to carry his/her knife. In order to support the end user we keep a wide variety of carry options in stock.


    GZ Custom Blades is an official vendor for Ulticlip products. As an end user i carry blades with Ulticlip for years, and for our blades we realized that the best option is the Ulticlip 3.3 slim for Inside the Waistband Carry (IWB) and Ulticlip XL is the optimal solution for duty/Outside the Waistband Carry (OWB)


    Want to attach your knife to your gear? Look no further. Blade Tech offers the most versitale solution when it comes to Molle/Pals attachment. Pick one to complement your knife and attach it in seconds to your battle belt, plate carrier or backpack. 


IWB Loops/Scout Carry

   Want a soft IWB loop or Scout carry strap for your knife? Reach us out, and we can help you out with a custom fit IWB Loop or Scout carry straps. Opposed to the industry standard we do not use pull the dot loops, but we attach the loops with screws. This way the end user does not have to worry about a lost knife. No matter how you run, jump, crawl or skydiwe, that sheath will remain on your belt. 


    Time to time we make a small batch of custom GZ Custom Blades themed T-Shirts. If you want one, just dm me, and i will aid you with the available designs, and sizes. 



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