Customs and Customization


   For all of our production blades with a handle wrap, we offer you a range of color option to choose your wrap from. Pick your blade color and let us know what color you would like to see on the handle, and we make it for you. 



   I love movies, and i love certain themes. I was growing up in the 90's playing computer games and watching Sci-FI and action movies. Therefor there are certain themes warming my heart. Every year i make about 2 dozen exotic colored production blades with custom engraving and Cerakote colors. These can range from simple 2 tone to specific movie themed knives like Star Wars. 


   At his time i DO NOT TAKE custom orders. I have limited time to make custom knives next to my day job in the military, if I have to make the same knife 15 times that kills my new model projects and creativity as well. Sign up for my newsletter, follow me on Instagram and Facebook, and I will advise you when I have a batch of blades coming. Be fast, and snatch what you like the most. 

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