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GZ Custom Blades

PSK - Pilot Survival Knife

PSK - Pilot Survival Knife

PSK aka the Pilot Survival Knife

This knife is the culmination of my 14 years in the military amd the countless weeks and months on the field during training and deployment. This knife represents everything what i believe important for a military survival knife. If you only can have 1 knife to get you home...this is it!

The spear point blade has a false swedge for better penetration, but it will maintain tip strength. The knife has a symmetric high saber grind this makes it strong but maintains a good geometry. In the Initial batch the blades are made from differentially tempered Apex Ultra Steel at 62-63 HRC on the edge and with a significantly softer tang to maintain strength. 

The handle is G10, and lengthy enough to be used even with winter gloves at extreme cold weather conditions. The pommel at the end of the handle is exposed, to provide a surface which can be used as a hammer. The PSK comes in 2 versions, with or without a robust finger guard. The guarded version is more suited for the military operations, while the non-guarded version is more ideal for the average outdoor/buschraft tasks.  Robust Finger Guard provides 


Blade material                 Apex Ultra steel at 63-64 HRC              
Blade length                    115 mm (4.5 in)
Overall Length                 248 mm (9.9 In)
Blade Thickness                   5 mm (.200 in)  

G10 handle

Comes with 3 different Cerakote color:
Armor Black
Burnt Bronze
Multicam Black Tiger stripe Camouflage (+10EUR)

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