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Wolfteeth MK 6

Wolfteeth MK 6

The Wolfteeth Family:


The Wolfteeth family consist of multiple different blade shapes with identical handle. The Common in these knives that they utilize a finger ring at the end of the handle which facilitates ultimate retention, as well as provides the ability to hold onto objects with the knife in the hand. 

This small EDC Blade excels at everything that you can think of for daily tasks, as well as concelaed carry. If you need a compact blade that can accompany you in the big city, a small blade to protect your firearm or just something to throw in your backpack during the weekend, look no more. The Wolfteeth`s got you covered. 

The Wolfteeth family comes in various blade shapes from the MK1 Spear point to the MK7 Tanto. 

The MK 6 was the 6th design in the line of the wolfteeth family. This model is made with a clip point blade and a false swedge. The belly of the blade, the strong but fine tip and the swedge creates a great combination of strength, defensive capabilities and cutting performance. 

In this model the blade is slightly canted in order to facilitate more neutral and effective thrusting and slashing. 

The production version of this knife is unique. This was made from the state of the art brand new ApexUltra steel, which was designed specifically for knives. All MK6 is heat treated to a high hardness (63-64 HRC) giving the best possible edge retention. 


Blade material                 Apex Ultra steel at 63-64 HRC              
Blade length                    78 mm (3.1 in)                 
Overall Length               190 mm (7.5 in)                  
Blade Thickness                 5 mm. (200 in)               
'550 cord handle with various color options
Comes with 3 different Cerakote color:
Armor Black
Burnt Bronze
Multicam Black Tiger stripe Camouflage (+10 EUR)

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