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GZ Custom Blades

Claymore 100mm

Claymore 100mm

Claymore Family: 

I always found double edged blades fascinating. Even though their utility is somewhat limited, their effectiveness is unquestioned. Depending on the size they can solve a multitude of problems, and they are very effective with the symmetric double edge and spear point blade. The name of this blade was inspired by the legendary Scottish double edge fighting swords. The claymore is not a full size combat knife, it was originally designed to be a back/up or boot knife for everyday carry. The wide handle provides stable grip in forward, reverse and saber grip is well in every situation. The wide blade has good geometry for cutting with great penetration. The integral guard protects the user's hand even when wet, bloody or slippery. 

Wear it inside your boot, under your t-shirt, on your gear or in your purse, the Claymore will not let you down. In a large city, on the trail or in a combat zone, this lightweight defensive blade is the best companion to travel with.    

The production version is made out of 52100 steel heat treated to the optimal 60-61HRC Range for toughness, and edge retention.


Blade material              52100 ball bearing steel at 60-61 HRC              
Blade length                 100 mm (3.9 in)                
Overall Length              220 mm (8.6 in)                  
Blade Thickness             4.5 mm  (.185 in)                 
Black G10 Handle

Comes with 4 different Cerakote color:
Armor Black
Tactical Gray
Burnt Bronze
Magpul Foliage Green

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