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GZ Custom Blades

ICK - Infantry Combat Knife

ICK - Infantry Combat Knife

ICK aka The Infantry Combat Knife

This blade is a beast, and as of now this is the biggest blade in my lineup. The design of the PSK - Pilot Survival Knife created the opportunity to wander into the world of the full-size combat knives. A Combat knife is a multirole military tool, which was designed to bridge the gap between the dedicated fighting knives and the utility knives. The 7-inch spear point blade is capable of delivering an effective and deadly blow, yet due to its strength can survive the rigors of combat and serve as a survival or utility tool as well.

No matter if this is hand to hand combat, entrenching, survival or outdoor tasks, the ICK is up to the task. The spear point blade is V ground and has a false swedge which does not reach the very end of the tip. This provides good thrusting ability as well as a strong tip. The blade is high saber grind at .200 thickness. The large finger guard and anatomically shaped handle provides good index and very secure retention in every weather condition, in order to ensure user safety. The inward curvature of the guard provides comfort and minimize obstruction during regular utility use. The G 10 handle ends in a glass breaking pommel. 



Blade material                 Apex Ultra steel at 62-63 HRC              
Blade length                    175 mm (7 in)
Overall Length                 305 mm (12 In)
Blade Thickness                   5 mm (.200 in)  

G10 handle

Comes with 3 different Cerakote color:
Armor Black
Burnt Bronze
Multicam Black Tiger stripe Camouflage (+10 EUR)

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