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Dragonsteeth MK 5

Dragonsteeth MK 5

The Dragonsteeth Family:


The Dragonsteeth family is a spinoff from the original Wolfteeth family with 2 extra-long blade shapes and identical handle to all the rest of the Wolfteeth family. This creates a more defensive oriented blade with added performance and reach. 

The Common in these knives that they utilize a finger ring at the end of the handle which facilitates ultimate retention, as well as provides the ability to hold onto objects with the knife in the hand. 

The Dragonsteeth was designed as a compact Self Defense knife or weapon retention tool. The light and narrow design makes it easy to carry on your gear, duty belt or under plain civilian clothes. Forward or reverse grip? Not a problem. The Dragonsteeth is comfortable in all grip forms. 

The MK 5 was the second Dragonsteeth design with a similar but longer blade than the Wolfteeth MK 5, its smaller sibling. The modified tanto point is great for slashing and thrusting. Tip is scary pointy and great for effortless entry and delicate work, however it always come with the cost. This model has the most fragile tip from all of my models. If you want to become a human velociraptor, this is your model.

In this model the blade is slightly canted in order to facilitate more neutral and effective thrusting and slashing. 

The production version is made out of 52100 steel heat treated to the optimal 60-61HRC Range for toughness, and edge retention.


Blade material              52100 ball bearing steel at 60-61 HRC              
Blade length                 115 mm (4.1 in)                
Overall Length              215 mm (8.5 in)                  
Blade Thickness             4.5 mm  (.185 in)                 
'550 cord handle with various color options
Comes with 4 different Cerakote color:
Armor Black
Tactical Gray
Burnt Bronze
Magpul Foliage Green

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