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   All knife we ship shall include a laser cut wooden box, which is designed to protect the product. Some time the production and resourcing may lag behind our sales, and we may send the package in an alternative packaging, but we always advise you on that. 


   All of our blades will arrive with a custom fitted kydex sheath.  


   I want to provide you solutions, and not problems. Therefor I deliver each and every knife ready to use right out of the box. For all smaller and EDC sized blades where it is practical, we attach a static cord from '550 paracord to the sheath. This can be used as a tether to go around a belt or beltloop, and you can tuck the blade into your pants right out of the box. How practical is that? Japanese Samurais were wearing Katanas in a similar fashion for centuries, and this is how i carry ALWAYS, 365 days at least one of my carry blades. Try it out, you will like it. If you have any question, do not hesitate, i help you out with that. 


  All blades we ship will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The production blades will come with an A4 size Certificate folded, English Hungarian with basic instructions and Knife Care.

  Custom knives have a serialized, dated custom certificate. I beg your pardon for my handwriting in advance. 

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